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What Press and Analysts
Say About db4o:

"Using db4o allows [...] to work with persistent data without the distraction of conflicting data models and without the need to spend a significant amount of time learning to use a tool such as Hibernate or a complex OODBMS. [...]
The simplicity of installation and use as well as the lack of an impedance mismatch between object and data models make db4o very useful in a range of business and educational applications."

Jim Paterson, Lecturer

Best of Open Source Developer Tools Award
        Best of Open Source
        Development Tools

Dot.Net Magazin 2007 Readers' Choice Winner
        Best Innovation

Java Pro 2006 Readers' Choice Winner

InfoWorld Product Review

"If the app you're designing has a complex data model that might not break down well or easily into an RDBMS, then db4o is a good choice. If your developers aren't used to doing database work and are unfamiliar with SQL, db4o will allow them to work with persistent objects without having to learn RDBMS skills."

Rick Grehan, Editor

IDC - Analyze the Future

"Object-oriented DBMSs could well enjoy a second growth period as embedded DBMSs due to the efficient and flexible data management they offer object-oriented applications, and open source DBMSs are also attractive as embedded DBMSs because of the technological control they offer ISVs as well as flexibility in licensing. db4objects is in the interesting position of offering the benefits of object-oriented DBMS technology and open source licensing, making its value proposition appealing on two fronts."

Carl W. Olofson, Research Director
IDC Report - Embedded Databases: The Invisible Engine That Could

Venture Development Corporation

"Especially on the client side, such as in stand-alone devices and other zero-administration environments, engineers look for innovative persistence solutions that meet their immediate specifications and help them outrun the competition. As a result, more than 50% of embedded and device software developers still build their own database tools today. With the advent of standardized object-oriented platforms, such as embedded Java and the .NET CompactFramework, we expect object databases to become a universal solution for OO persistence - with db4o's open source offering leading the charge."

Chris Lanfear, Director

RedMonk Homepage

"Ask any object oriented developer about their list of frustrations and you're likely to hear them mention the difficulty transitioning from object oriented thinking to relational persistence.
db4objects aims to eliminate this divide entirely, without the overhead of an object/relational mapping layer, by providing native object oriented persistence, thereby allowing developers to store data in the same manner as the application generating it: as an object."

Stephen O'Grady, Senior Analyst

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"Versant moves into embedded with DB4O acquisition"
SDTimes, December 12, 2008

db4o First Database in the Industry to Support Optimized LINQ on the Compact Framework
Microsoft Windows Embedded InfoBlast, October 2008

InfoWorld awards db4o with "Best of Open Source Developer Tools"
InfoWorld, August 4, 2008

"Rapid Linux apps using object databases", June 11, 2008

"db4o Sharpens its Image", May 23, 2008

"db4o Open Source Object-Oriented Database Supports LINQ"
.NET Developers' Journal, May 12, 2008

"Next-Generation Object-Oriented Databases: An Interview with db4objects' Anat Gafni"
Artima, May 9, 2008

"An introduction to LINQ for db4o" by Edwin Vermeer
The Code Project, April 28, 2008

"When to use an Embedded ODBMS" (by Rick Grehan), April 7, 2008

"Object-oriented database programming with db4o - Part 2"
The Code Project, Mar 25, 2008

"db4o in the Mirror of JPA/EJB and Hibernate" (PDF)
.NET Developer's Journal, Feb 13, 2008


"Article series explains object database", December 28, 2007

"db4o v7 and increasing popularity of ODBMS"
InfoQ, December 21, 2007, by Alexander Olaru

"The busy Java developer's guide to db4o: Transactions, distribution, and security"
IBM developerWorks, December 11, 2007, by Ted Neward

"db4objects Announces db4o Database for Android"
Open Handset Magazine, December 7, 2007

"db4o 7.0 is now in beta for the Java Community"
TheServerSide, November 21, 2007, by Joseph Ottinger

"First Look: DB4Objects Database"
Application Development Trends, November 19, 2007, by Will Kraft

"Hot skills: cut costs and coding time with Database for Objects"
ComputerWeekly, November 19, 2007, by Nick Langley

"Data Retrieval With Single Line of Code"
SD Times, November 14, 2007, by P.J. Connolly

"db4objects Updates Object Database Pack, Adds Services"
InformationWeek, November 14, 2007, by Michael Singer

"db4objects Announces Release of Version 7.0 and XtremeConnect"
Database Trends and Applications, November 13, 2007

"Inside db4o"
TheServerSide, November, 2007, by Rick Grehan

"The busy Java developer's guide to db4o: Structured objects and collections"
IBM developerWorks, October 23, 2007, by Ted Neward

"db4objects leverages user base as hiring pool"
IT Manager's Journal, September 21, 2007, by Hailey Lynne McKeefry

"The busy Java developer's guide to db4o: Arrays and collections"
IBM developerWorks, September 18, 2007, by Ted Neward

"Startup City: db4objects Takes A Run At The Object Database Market"
InformationWeek, September 15, 2007, by John Foley

Linux-Magazin September 2007, by Tim Schuermann (In German)

"Versatile Querying With db4o"
FTPOnline, July 25, 2007, by Rick Grehan

"BreakThruIT's Mobile Application Framework to Bundle db4objects' Object Database db4o", July 25, 2007, by PRWeb 

"The busy Java developer's guide to db4o: Beyond Simle Objects"
IBM developerWorks, June 26, 2007, by Ted Neward

"db4o in Strategic Alliance with Prosyst"
Sys-Con Media, June 24, 2007, by Eclipse News Desk

"Digital Imaging, Databases, and Eye Care"
Dr. Dobb's Portal, June 5, 2007, by Ryan McGrail

javaHispano, June 4, 2007, by German Viscuso and Hernan Morales (In Spanish) 

"Evaluating Options for Persisting Java Objects"
Java Developer's Journal, June 2, 2007, by Richard Conway

"The Object Relational Mapping Quagmire"
Linuxjournal, June 2007, by Nicholas Petreley

"Avoiding the Quagmire - Part II of Ted Neward's Vietnam paper"
TheServerSide, May 22, 2007, by Joseph Ottinger

"The busy Java developer's guide to db4o: Database refactoring with db4o"
IBM developerWorks, May 22, 2007, by Ted Neward

"Interview: Ted Neward and Christof Wittig"
The Jem Report, May 21, 2007, by Jem Matzan

"Products and Partnerships Rolled Out at JavaOne '07"
Application Development Trends, May 11, 2007, by John Waters

"Mixing Data & Data Structures in an Object Database"
Enterprise Opensource Magazine, May 9, 2007, by Rick Grehan

"Object database plays well with NAND", May 9, 2007, by Henry Kingman

"Ted Neward: Tech Talk on object databases"
TheServerSide, May 8, 2007, by Joseph Ottinger

"db4objects demos car navigation system with NAND drive at JavaOne"
LinuxToday Japan, May 8, 2007, by Naoko Yamakata (In Japanese)

"The busy Java developer's guide to db4o: Queries, updates, and identity"
IBM developerWorks, March 27, 2007, by Ted Neward

"The busy Java developer's guide to db4o: Introduction and overview"
IBM developerWorks, March 20, 2007, by Ted Neward

"Using an embedded database to simplify device data replication and synchronization", March 20, 2007, by Rick Grehan

"With new license, db4objects seeks happy medium for commercial open source model"
451 Report, March 15, 2007, by Jay Lyman (Login required)

"Open-Source Globalization"
Dr. Dobb's, March 14, 2007, by Christof Wittig

"db4objects: Broadening Appeal to Open Source Projects", March 13, 2007, by Vance McCarthy

"Object-oriented database programming with db4o"
The Code Project, March 9, 2007, by Buu Nguyen

"Open-source data management targets Windows Mobile devices", March 7, 2007

"Using an Object-Oriented Database in a Web Site"
ASP Today, March 6, 2007, by Jim Paterson

"Funambol and db4objects Provide Open Source Solution to Enable Complex Data for Mobile Devices"
Sys-Con Media, March 6, 2007, by Aaron Reed

"Die Neuerungen der Objektdatenbank db4o 6.0" Magazin, March 2007, by Stefan Edlich (In German)

"db4objects' Open Source Philosophy Drives Recruitment"
TechCareers, February 12, 2007, by Judy Mottl

"Career Profile: CEO, db4objects"
TechCareers, February 7, 2007, by Judy Mottl

"Interview with Christof Wittig and Jerry Fiddler of db4objects"
Linux Journal, February 2007, by Nicholas Petreley

"db4o: una alternativa a la persistencia"
.code, February 2007, by Alan Lavintman, German Viscuso (In Spanish)

"OpenSource RIA solution- Openlaszlo & db4o"
Programmer Magazine, February 2007, by Rosen Jiang (In Chinese)

"Popular Object Database Expands Licensing Options"
The Jem Report, January 30, 2007, by Jem Matzan

"DB4Objects - Parte II - Maos a Obra"
DevMedia, January 10, 2007, by Glaucio Guerra (In Portuguese)

"db4objects appoints German Viscuso as Global Community Host"
LinuxToday Japan, January 9, 2007, by Naoko Yamakata (In Japanese)

"DB4Objects na terra de gigantes do BD relacional com Java - Parte I"
DevMedia, January 8, 2007, by Glaucio Guerra (In Portuguese)


"db4objects Releases Rev 6.0"
Java Developer's Journal, December 25, 2006

"Object Databases for Embedded Applications"
ACTA Newsletter, December 20, 2006, by Rick Grehan

"Major Rev of Dual-licensed Object Database Ships", December 18, 2006, by Henry Kingman

"db4o object-oriented database (3)"
IBM DeveloperWorks China, December 14, 2006, by Rosen Jiang, Andrew Zhang, Chris Li Weidong (In Chinese)

"[Interview] Christof Wittig CEO de db4o", November 30, 2006, by Patrice Lamarche

"Free and open source software conference begins"
The Hindu, November 25, 2006

"Making an open source object database fly"
IT Manager's Journal, November 24, 2006, by Tina Gasperson

"Open Source Event Kicks Off"
Red Herring, November 24, 2006, by Kalpana Shah

"db4o open source object database v 6.0 released", November 22, 2006, by Carl Rosenberger

"db4o object-oriented database (2)"
IBM DeveloperWorks China, November 20, 2006, by Rosen Jiang, Andrew Zhang, Chris Li Weidong (In Chinese)

"New Version of db4o Database for Embedded Systems Released" (PDF)
Nikkei BP, November 16, 2006, by Horikiri (In Japanese)

"Dual-licensed object database posts major speed gains", November 15, 2006

"Objects and Databases: State of the Union 2006"
Dr. Dobbs Portal, November 15, 2006

"Community and Ricoh put db4o into the Mainstream"
LinuxToday Japan, November 14, 2006, by Naoko Yamakata (In Japanese)

"Object database promises performance leap"
EE Times, November 14, 2006, by Richard Goering

"Embedded object database is leaner, meaner and determinstic", November 13, 2006, by Bernhard Cole

"The Proper Care and Feeding of Object Databases In Embedded Systems"
Dr. Dobbs Portal, November 13, 2006, by Rick Grehan

"db4o: Banco OO"
iMasters, November 9, 2006, by Eduardo Monteiro
(In Portuguese)

"The 4th Element: Open Source and Globalization" (PDF)
ETH Zurich Visionen, October 2006, by Christof Wittig

"db4o object-oriented database"
IBM DeveloperWorks China, October 23, 2006, by Rosen Jiang, Andrew Zhang, Chris Li Weidong (In Chinese)

"Open source globalization benefits organizations, individuals"
IT Manager's Journal, October 16, 2006, by Christof Wittig

"db4o 5.7 Accelerates Queries with B-trees Index", September 26, 2006 (In Chinese)

"Barbarians at the Gate"
Enterprise Open Source Magazine, September 22, 2006, by Andrew Cowie

"The Microsoft LINQ Project" Magazin, September 2006, by Stefan Edlich (In German)

"Databases: A Critical Part of Windows Mobile Software Development"
Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine, August/September, 2006, by Brian Nantz

"db4o open source object database v 5.5 released", August 18, 2006, by Carl Rosenberger

"The case for a native object database"
Open Tech Press, August 14, 2006, by Jim Paterson (In Japanese)

"Database db4objects Enters China "
PC World China, August 14, 2006, by Chris Matrix (In Chinese)

"The case for a native object database"
IT Manager's Journal, August 9, 2006, by Jim Paterson

"The open source Java portal 'Matrix' management company is representative of db4objects in China"
LinuxToday Japan, August 9, 2006, by Naoko Yamakata (In Japanese)

"Jerry Fiddler Joins db4objects Board of Directors"
Enterprise Open Source News, July 4, 2006

"Wind River's Founding CEO Invests into Object DB Venture "
LinuxToday Japan, June 28, 2006, by Naoko Yamakata (In Japanese)

"Dual-licensed object database company expands board", June 26, 2006

"db4objects expands board, investors"
CNet, June 26, 2006, by Martin LaMonica

"Vinod Khosla's latest"
Silicon Beat, June 26, 2006, by Matt Marshall

"Small Round, Big Investors For Microsoft & Java Database Co."
Dow Jones VentureWire, June 26, 2006, by Jonathan Shieber (login required)

"Podcast: Open Source db4objects Attracts Investors"
TechSearch, May 30, 2006, by Laurie Sullivan

"Das ODBMS-System db4objects"
Java Spektrum, 03/2006, by Stefan Edlich (in German)

"Inside the db4o Database - Replication made easy"
Dr. Dobb's Portal, May 16, 2006, by Rick Grehan

"Data Management Grows Up", May 10, 2006, by Nicole Lewis

"db4objects Announces First Global db4o User Conference", April 27, 2006, by Don Parris

"OSS object DB db4o brings global conference to growing user community"
LinuxToday Japan, April 27, 2006, by Naoko Yamakata
(In Japanese)

"Dual-licensed object database conference launches", April 25, 2006

"An Object Database for Quartz"
FTP Online, April 17, 2006, by Rick Grehan

"Agile Object to Relational Database Replication with db4o", April 12, 2006, by Jim Paterson

"An Interview with Christof Wittig: CEO db4objects and President", March 8, 2006, by TxtEdMacs

"db4o Part II - Access Modes, Configuration, Performance and Other Options"
Linha de Código, March 7, 2006, by Cassio Eskelsen
(In Portuguese)

"db4o Releases V5.2"
Matrix China, March 2, 2006 (In Chinese)

"db4objects Replication System Keeps Objects in Sync"
SD Times, March 1, 2006, by Edward J. Correia

"Business Factors in OSS Database Companies"
OS News, February 28, 2006, by Andrew Hudson

"Users unworried by Oracle's purchase of Sleepycat"
Computerworld, February 15, 2006, by Eric Lai

"Time for an Object-Oriented Database?"
Linux Magazine, February 10, 2006, by Carl Rosenberger

"Progress and GemStone join ODBMS.ORG as Sponsors"
LinuxToday Japan, February 8, 2006, by Naoko Yamakata
(in Japanese | in English)

"db4o - An Object Database Enthuses Developers" Magazin, February 8, 2006, by Stefan Edlich
(In German; online reprint here)

"db4objects announces open source replication system", February 1, 2006, by Carl Rosenberger

"Native Queries for Persistent Objects"
Dr. Dobb's Journal, February 2006, by William R. Cook and Carl Rosenberger

"db4o offers seamless synchronization of objects"
InfoWorld, January 30, 2006

"Java, .NET Object Database Syncs With Enterprise RDBMSs"
JDJ, January 28, 2006

"Java, .NET object database syncs with enterprise RDBMSs", January 27, 2006, by Henry Kingman

"db4o, RDB Replication System"
LinuxToday Japan, January 27, 2006, by Naoko Yamakata (In Japanese)

"db4o Launches Hibernate-Enabled Object-to-Relational Database Replication"
.NET Developer's Journal, January 26, 2006

"The OO Database Advantage"
.NET Developer's Journal, January 22, 2006, by Rick Grehan and Eric Falsken

"Performance Is Where You Find It"
Computerworld, January 16, 2006, by Gary H. Anthes

"Embedding the db4o Object-Oriented Database"
Linux Journal, January 2, 2006, by Rick Grehan

"Experience with ODBMS db4o" (PDF)
Windows Developer Magazine, January 2006, by Kaoru Kodaka
(In Japanese)


"db4o Object-Oriented Database"
Linha de Código, December 9, 2005, by Cassio Eskelsen
(In Portuguese)

"Database Alternatives Grab Attention of Users, Top Vendors"
Computerworld, November 28, 2005, by Eric Lai
(in English | in Japanese)

"db4o v5.0 New Version Release Supports Native Queries", November 16, 2005 (In Chinese)

"db4o 5.0 with Native Queries, a new way of expressing queries", November 15, 2005, by Carl Rosenberger

"Db4objects Object Database Supports Native Queries"
TechWeb, November 15, 2005, by K.C. Jones

"Embeddable object database gains native queries", November 14, 2005, by Henry Kingman

"db4objects Implements Native Queries"
Client Server News, November 14, 2005, by Maureen O'Gara (subscription only)

"The Database with the Object Engine" (Part 1), October 16, 2005, by Carlo C. Giapienino (In Italian)
"The Retrieval with Object Databases" (Part 2), October 21, 2005, by Carlo C. Giapienino (In Italian)
"How to Configure an Object Database" (Part 3), October 30, 2005, by Carlo C. Giapienino (In Italian)

"db4objects - Innovating Object Databases with Open Source" (PDF)
C Vu, October 2005, by Paul Johnson, Roberto Zicari

"Open Source Gems: Good Bye, Persistence Code" (PDF)
Java-Magazin, October 2005, by Stefan Edlich (In German)

"ODBMS.ORG Launches Portal"
JDJ, September 16, 2005

"Global Development Models"
InfoWorld, September 2, 2005, by Dave Rosenberg

"db4objects Starts Fall 2005 Roadshow in Tokyo"
LinuxToday Japan, August 30, 2005, by Naoko Yamakata (In Japanese)

"Embedded object database rides into limelight on GPL", August 24, 2005, by Henry Kingman

"Open-Source Database Technologies Flourish at LinuxWorld"
eWeek, August 8, 2005, by Lisa Vaas

"An Open Source Database Benchmark", June 14, 2005, by Rick Grehan

"Technology Briefs - db4o Database Upgrade Debuts"
Computerworld, May 16, 2005

"db4objects Inc. has released db4o 4.5, open source object db", May 09, 2005, by Joseph Ottinger

"db4o Introduces Version 4.5 of Open Source Object Database"
LinuxToday Japan, May 09, 2005, by Naoko Yamakata
(in Japanese | in English)

"GPL'd OOP/ODBMS gains object-oriented replication", May 06, 2005

"Open Source Object Database Gets 'On Track'", May 04, 2005, by Vance McCarthy

"Simple Object Persistence with the db4o Object Database"
Programación, April 15, 2005, by Jim Paterson, Juan Antonio Palos
(in Spanish | in English)

"Benchmark Shows db4o up to 44x Faster than Hibernate"
LinuxToday Japan, March 31, 2005, by Naoko Yamakata
(in Japanese | in English)

"Open source Mono .NET Web Services tools gain db4o"
iApplianceWeb, February 20, 2005, by Bernard Cole

"LinuxWorld: Open-source an option for database apps, panel says"
Computerworld, February 16, 2005, by Todd R. Weiss

"db4objects seeks to revive OODB sector with a dual license and an embedded angle"
the451group, January 20, 2005, by Rachel Chalmers (login required)

"Object databases: Q&A with key movers at db4objects"
NewsForge, January 6, 2005, by Mark Stone

"Object DB Native to Java and .NET"
SD Times, January 1, 2005, by Edward J. Correia


"db4o opens its source"
NewsForge, December 15, 2004, by Tina Gasperson

"Start-Up Firm Launches Open Source Object Database", December 09, 2004, by Vance McCarthy

"Open Source Start-up Seeks To Revive the Object Database"
Linux Business Week, December 3, 2004, by Maureen O'Gara

"Object database goes open source"
InfoWorld, December 2, 2004, by Paul Krill

"Simple Object Persistence with the db4o Object Database", December 1, 2004, by Jim Paterson

"Java databases get small"
InfoWorld, June 25, 2004, by Rick Grehan


"Open a S.O.D.A."
JavaPro, April 2003, by Rick Grehan


"OO Databases Get Small Minded"
JavaPro, September 2001, by Rick Grehan